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Beauty on the Beach

Sno Biz has locations all over the world including this beach pavilion in Cyprus, a fun loving vacation mecca.

Time to get Bizzy

Hey Bizzy Fans: Let your favorite penguin rock you through every hour of the day with a Bizzy wall clock. Many local SnoBiz locations sell them or can order the clock for you to pick up the next time you stop by, just ask!

Celebrate a new flavor: Birthday Cake!

SnoBiz has a spanking-new flavor BIRTHDAY CAKE. Try it at your local SnoBiz and let us’no how you like it! Celebrate every day at your favorite SnoBiz. Share your picture enjoying a SnoBiz birthday cake shave ice and we’ll party along with you.

Snow cone vs SnoBiz…the diff?

Lots of us love SnoBiz for its fluffy and flavorful qualities. Once I tasted the airy goodness of a SnoBiz treat, I never licked back. But some folks have never experienced the wonder that is SnoBiz. They are stuck gnawing on the hard grained, and in my view, tasteless snow cone. So I got to [...]