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Indie film shoots at Oxford, MS, Sno Biz

Indie filmmaker Thomas L. Phillips and the crew of “Where I Begin” filmed nearly all night  at the Oxford, MS, Sno Biz. Set in a small southern town, the film is a gritty character drama that asks the question: can you ever really go home again? The events, rumors, stares and gossip from one night [...]

Sno Biz is good biz for Andalusia man

If one were to sit down and calculate the flavor combinations available at the Andalusia Sno Biz it would boggle the mind. “We’ve got about 53 base flavors,” said owner and Andalusia native Nathan Frank. “We can mix a maximum of three flavors at a time, so you do the math.” Read the article, and [...]

NY Times agrees: Shave Ice is Best

Sno Biz has served fluffy, FRESHTASTIC shave ice since 1989. There are more than 600 Sno Biz locations in the U.S. and around the world. Finally, the New York Times has discovered the difference between shave ice and snow cones.

Sno Biz deemed Oscar worthy

Question: Is Sno Biz worthy of an Oscar for fantastic taste? Answer: 100% of voters said YES! Favorite flavor: Strawberry Let uS’no what you think! What’s YOUR flavorite?