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Nominate your flavorite Sno Biz Dealer

Tell us why your Sno Biz dealer is the best. If we pick your dealer we’ll add a picture of YOU to their “Dealer of the Week” slideshow!

Shaved ice dealer: Business is blessing from God

If your kids have ever played a community sport, chances are you’ve seen Pandy Hope’s Sno Biz snow cone truck. “I consider this business a blessing from God,” said Hope. “It’s a lot of fun. I love kids.”

Annie’s Sno Biz serves up 44 flavors

If the summer heat has you craving something cold and sweet, you’re in luck. A new Roseville, CA, business is offering just that. Annie’s Sno Biz is a shaved ice business on wheels.

Chill out: Cenla Sno Biz features tailormade flavors

Jamilla Bynog-Barnes is a self-proclaimed snow cone connoisseur. She’s always creating new flavors and seeking inspiration. “I’m a movie geek, a snow cone connoisseur, and I have a baking background and a quirky intellect. It’s a total creative process.”