Nominate your flavorite Sno Biz Dealer

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Tell us why your Sno Biz dealer is the best. If we pick your dealer we’ll add a picture of YOU to their “Dealer of the Week” slideshow!

Sno Biz O’Fallon video: How sweeeeeeet it is!

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Sno Biz in O’Fallon, MO, is one of the most popular dealers in all of shaved ice land. The owners established their business 16 years ago and it’s been a hit every summer! The most freshtastic flavors and tons of flavor combos make Sno Biz the hottest spot for shave ice in the Show Me […]

Sno Biz @ Cinema on The Lawn, Concord NC

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Sno Biz is at Cinema on The Lawn at Village Church, 9280 Davidson Hwy, Concord, NC. Enjoy a shaved ice treat with family, friends and a movie.

Sno Biz @ Ashland County Fair in Marengo, WI

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Sno Biz shave ice will be at the Ashland County Fair in Marengo, WI. Take a sno break from the horseshoe pitching contest with a fluffy shave ice.

Shaved ice dealer: Business is blessing from God

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If your kids have ever played a community sport, chances are you’ve seen Pandy Hope’s Sno Biz snow cone truck. “I consider this business a blessing from God,” said Hope. “It’s a lot of fun. I love kids.”

Annie’s Sno Biz serves up 44 flavors

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If the summer heat has you craving something cold and sweet, you’re in luck. A new Roseville, CA, business is offering just that. Annie’s Sno Biz is a shaved ice business on wheels.

Chill out: Cenla Sno Biz features tailormade flavors

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Jamilla Bynog-Barnes is a self-proclaimed snow cone connoisseur. She’s always creating new flavors and seeking inspiration. “I’m a movie geek, a snow cone connoisseur, and I have a baking background and a quirky intellect. It’s a total creative process.”

Butterbeer is new shave ice flavor

  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 movie hits theaters July 15. Sno Biz Wizards have brewed up ButterBeer – a fictional drink from the movie. Our ButterBeer shave ice flavor is a blend of cream soda and butterscotch flavors sure to appeal to ‘tweens, teens and Harry Potter fans of all ages. […]

Pomegranate shave ice is Tart & Sweet

Pomegranate – a Tart & Sweet flavor treat – is the second NEW flavor introduced this summer by Sno Biz. All of our shave ice flavors are formulated for freshtastic taste. If you’ve never tasted pomegranate here is your chance! What does pomegranate taste like? Let uS’no what you think of our new Pomegranate flavor […]

New Shave Ice Flavor: Almond

Ahhh, the joys of summer – sun, fun and a growing list of NEW Sno Biz shave ice flavors to try! Almond is the first of 3 new flavors that we’re introducing this summer. While Almond flavor alone is swell, we think you’ll really enJoy the flavor combos your local Sno Biz stand will create […]