Mississippi Summer Sno Storm

By sno biz reporter

If the summer gets too hot, dump a little snow on it.

Everything about the Sno Biz snow cone cabana in the parking lot of Leigh Mall exudes coolness amid the heat. It’s the grown-up equivalent of a childhood lemonade stand.

The white cabana has hot pink trim, and it’s crowned with a garish neon sign. Another sign begs you to “do yourself a flavor.” The air-conditioning washes over your face as you stand at the window and order from a menu of 120 wacky flavors, including “Bullfrog in a Blender” (blueberry, lime and cherry) and “Bat Juice” (blueberry, lemon and banana). Read the Article: Columbus, MS, Dispatch

Filed in: Shave Ice Flavors • Friday, July 16th, 2010

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