Shave ice devotees turn out to help Texas officer

A Thursday, Aug. 1, 2010, event at the Sno Biz snow cone stand in Cleburne to benefit a Grandview police officer injured in an accident got off to a slow start.

Initially two customers, Steve and Stephen Stephenson, stopped to buy snow cones. Both said they heard Justin Frazell, morning disc jockey for KFWR/95.9 FM The Ranch, was working the stand and wanted to stop by to meet him.

A brief lull ensued after the Stephensons’ departed, but soon enough several more customers arrived followed by others and a steady stream ensued.

“We did good, stayed pretty busy,” said Tris Black, Sno Biz owner. “It slowed down for a few minutes again about 6 p.m., but then here they started coming again, and they just kept coming. We raised $550, which isn’t bad at all for two hours work.”

Frazell and the Black family staged the event to raise money for Grandview police officer David Dunaway, who suffered life-threatening injuries last month after his patrol car slid off the road and struck a tree while he was en route to assist a Johnson County Sheriff’s Office deputy on County Road 405 north of Grandview.

Dunaway suffered injuries to his face, legs and feet.

A CareFlite helicopter, returning to Granbury from an earlier call, arrived on scene in minutes, said Tom Dunaway, Dunaway’s father. Nonetheless, it took about 1 1/2 hours for rescue workers to free Dunaway from his car. The floorboard and gas pedal of the car wrapped around his leg upon impact, trapping him inside, Dunaway said.

Flown to Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, Dunaway spent eight days in the trauma unit, Tom Dunaway said. Surgeries and healing followed, Dunaway said, and more are to come, in addition to rehabilitation.

“So when are you going to be up and ready for the Olympics?” Frazell joked with Dunaway as he arrived at Sno Biz.

Dunaway laughed and said he’s not sure about the Olympics, but he’s working on the getting back part. A wheelchair and a boot cast on his right leg aside, Dunaway appears much improved.

“He’s not out of the woods,” Tom Dunaway said. “Still has a long way to go, but he’s determined to get back to police work.

“He was excited to come out here today. He’s been stuck at home recovering and couldn’t wait to get out.”

Amen to that, Dunaway said, adding that he felt it was important that he show up to personally thank everyone for their support and prayers on behalf of him and his family.

“Without y’all I know I would be having a much tougher recovery,” Dunaway said. “God bless all of you, and I look forward to being back with the Grandview Police Department, ASAP.”

Black said she and her family were happy to help.

“A lot of people came by to see Justin because he talked about it on the radio,” Black said. “Some people didn’t even want a snow cone. They just wanted to give money, so we took it.”

Frazell’s appearance was initially unrelated to Dunaway. Black’s daughter, Maddison, invited Frazell to work the stand after she heard him talking on the radio about how he never worked at a snow cone stand as a kid and thought it might be fun.

The idea to tie Frazell’s appearance into a benefit for Dunaway came about once the Cleburne Police Officer’s Association began making plans to help Dunaway and his family.

The initial thought was to hold a benefit with food and barbecue, said Shane Wickson, a Cleburne police officer who also serves as president of CPOA. Wickson suggested adding some local musicians in the mix, which caused CPD officer Matt Cox to think of Frazell, thanks to Frazell’s support of community events and local bands.

The hope was to get Frazell to emcee a benefit concert for Dunaway, Wickson said.

“Oh, absolutely,” Frazell said. “I’m ready. Looking forward to it.”

Officers hope to stage that event later this month and are working out time and place details, Wickson said.

Frazell and the Black family, meanwhile, decided to donate snow cone sale profits from Frazell’s Thursday appearance at Sno Biz.

“Unbelievable, just wonderful,” Tom Dunaway said of Thursday’s event. “Everyone with the city of Grandview has been great. The mayor and police chief were out there the night of the accident. All the fire and police departments that showed up, the Cleburne Police Department, everybody’s been great.”

Details on the benefit concert should be announced soon, Wickson said. Talks are underway to book several local and area bands, he said.

Residents can also donate to the Code 3 Fund at any Compass Bank in Dunaway’s name. The fund is maintained by Bless The Badge, a ministry established to help law enforcement officials by Chuck and Lisa Lerner. Chuck Lerner is a Cleburne police officer. Lisa serves as chaplain for the Grandview Police Department.

For information on the organization and what they do, visit

From the Cleburne Times-Review