SnoBiz workers have flavorites too

Working her way through CC, she flavors Monkey Business

kimberly_minter_0309We spotted Kimberly Minter, 20, working the window at the Sno Biz location at the corner of Old Highway 11 and Oak Grove Road. Minter is a sophomore at Pearl River Community College who works full-time for SnoBiz.

  • How long have you worked here? I’ve actually only been at this location for about a week and a half, but I’ve been working for the guy I’m currently working for for about four years, between here and our location at the (Turtle Creek) Mall.
  • How much ice do you use in a typical day? We go through so much. We may use a block in an hour. I don’t know; maybe 10 to 20 blocks a day, maybe?
  • What are your most popular flavors? One of the favorites is Pina Colada. Rainbow, we do a lot of, also Frog In A Blender. That’s green apple with a swirl of cherry on top. Believe it or not, people ask for that a lot. We also do a lot of bubble gum.
  • What about your favorite? My favorite is Monkey Business. That’s red raspberry, blue raspberry and strawberry. It is soooo good. I hired a girl to help part-time and we spent a couple of days trying different flavors. That was the one I liked best.
  • What do you like about this location? The fact that if you’re coming south from Oak Grove High School, we’re the first stand you see. It’s easy to get in and out of and there’s plenty of parking. We get a lot of traffic through here, especially after school lets out.March 20, 2009 | Copyright ©2009 Hattiesburg, MS, American