Sno Biz: Dream come true

“I’ve wanted to open my own business since I was 8 years old,” said Rosie’s Sno Biz owner Andrea Natale. She made that dream come true when she opened a trailer last year where she sells her snow cones in Yuba City and her brick-and-mortar store in East Marysville in May. “I got the idea […]

Marysville, CA, Sno Biz opens May 25

W00T! The much anticipated opening of Sno Biz in Marysville, CA, is set for 10 am on Tuesday. Stop by 2 celebrate.

Sno Biz @ Marysville, CA, Farmer’s Market

Look for Sno Biz Rosie’s RED trailer at the Marysville, CA, Friday Night Farmer’s Market and Street Festival all summer long.

Marysville Sno Biz update (love in California)

Thanks, FANS, for wondering when the Sno Biz in Marysville, CA, will open.