Shaved ice dealer: Business is blessing from God

If your kids have ever played a community sport, chances are you’ve seen Pandy Hope’s Sno Biz snow cone truck. “I consider this business a blessing from God,” said Hope. “It’s a lot of fun. I love kids.”

Alabama Meg is a sucker for Sno Biz

I love trolling google to see what folks say about Sno Biz. Today I stumbled on Meg’s blog and…well, I’ll let her tell you of her shaved ice passion: Reason number whatever that I am loving living in Alabama: SNO BIZ! It must be because it gets so damn hot down here, and that phase […]

Sno Biz is cool in Alabaster

Brett Carter admits he doesn’t want to grow up. Opening a shaved ice business with winter coming on was definitely something to think and pray about.

Sno Biz is good biz for Andalusia man

If one were to sit down and calculate the flavor combinations available at the Andalusia Sno Biz it would boggle the mind. “We’ve got about 53 base flavors,” said owner and Andalusia native Nathan Frank. “We can mix a maximum of three flavors at a time, so you do the math.” Read the article, and […]