Sno Biz prevails in Texas snow cone tour

By sno biz reporter

A review of snow cone stands around Beaumont, TX, highlights why Sno Biz stands apart from sno balls and snow cones:

“The texture and composition of ice is a component that cannot be taken lightly. If the ice is bad, the experience will follow. If ice quality weren’t crucial, I would be able to turn a refrigerator ice maker to “crushed” mode, fill a cup, baste the ice in syrup and produce a satisfying treat. Though we’ve all had dark winter days where this seems like a viable option, we all know that, in the end, crushed ice cannot do what pillows of fluffy shaved ice can do.

“In my extensive research, I have learned much about something I thought I knew so well. There is a method behind the madness of the ice.

“The best stands are the ones that are off the grid — the ones in parking lots of hardware stores or hidden behind a library. Keep your eye out and you might discover a new place to take a break.

Sno Biz, 5945 College St., Beaumont, In the parking lot of Games People Play: The consistency of this ice cannot be beat. It is fluffy clouds layered with the right amount of flavor. And Gummy Bears can be added to the top or bottom of your cup for $.75. I recommend the lemonade flavor. It tastes delicious on its own and pairs well with any other flavor.”


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